A software for watchmakers and jewellery stores

TidyAnt will help you have full control over your watchmaking workshop and repairs. This watchmaking software will allow you to save more than 50% of the time spent  in managing.

A management software designed for watchmakers

  • Fast registration repair process.
  • Check the status of your repairs in detail.
  • Watch pictures associated with repair.
  • Data sheets associated with each caliber.
  • Envelopes and supporting documents printing
  • Tracking of the repair process..

Managing your watch or jewellery repairs is now very easy.

Taking  the watch into the workshop, making quotes, sending it to the customer and billing efficiently is vital to increase the profit of your workshop.

Main screen for an overview of all workshop repairs and data

  • The system will notify you of out-of-time repairs.
  • Notices of budgets pending to be made.
  • Notices of quotes that your customer has not answered yet.
  • It will show you graphically the evolution billing.
  • Graphical report on the number of repairs and budgets per month.

At a glance you will have real-time information about the repairs deposited in your workshop, as well as all the management data, this will allow you to act quickly on the most urgent.


Customers will definitely call us if we don´t provide information to them

TidyAnt will save you 50% in phone call time.

Customers will be able to check the status of their watch at all times without having to call you.

50% savings in administrative management time of your workshop

  • Notifies the customer of their repair registration
  • Notices of the evolution of the repair.
  • Accepted or rejected budget alerts.
  • Notice of repair collection request.
  • Notifications of payments received.

Associate pictures to your repair

  • Identify the watch clearly
  • Incorporate pictures of details or flaws to be highlighted.
  • Save bottom lid picture and its references.
  • Images included in all documents.
  • Directly capture images from the software.

Inclusion of pictures associated with each repair. They will help us visually identify each watch and can help us in case of doubt or to solve claims.


The speed has been considered in this software for watchmakers, that is why a system has been designed that will allow you to register repairs quickly and easily.

You will be able to include all the necessary data to identify each repair in a very short time

Fast and effective repair registration

  • Preloaded brands.
  • Fast registration of new brands.
  • Predictive system for the inclusion of models and calibers.
  • Registration of new features and values

Proof of repair entry with an associated picture

  • Envelopes with all repair data.
  • Proof of data and watch picture.
  • Repair terms and conditions.
  • Signature capture of compliance for data protection law.
  • Envelope printing with data and watch picture.

This watchmaking software will allow you to deliver printed or digital proof of the watch or jewel that will be repaired professionally and quickly.


TidyAnt watchmaking software allows you to always have accessible the technical documentation associated with each caliber.

Technical documentation associated with each caliber

  • You’ll always have the datasheets accessible.
  • It is associated with the caliber only once and it’s always available.
  • You can include different documents, cut, grease, etc.
  • You can include operating manuals

Conversations and notifications system

  • 90% fewer calls in budget communication.
  • The customer can check the status of the repair from their mobile.
  • 50% savings on repair inquiries calls.
  • Automatic sending to the customer of advances in the repair.
  • We do not disturb the customer with calls in their work schedule.
  • Possibility not to activate the query chat after a while

Automated communication of changes in repair, the customer will  always be informed of the status of their repair.

System of conversations between the client and  post-sales manager. Communicate to your customer any incidents.


Track all phases of watch repair.

Controls the average time for each process.

Traceability and workflow

  • Have information on all the watch steps inside the workshop.
  • You need to know who, when and how to report properly.
  • Your customers will highly value transparency in processes.
  • Measures how long repairs remain in each state.
  • Quickly identify funnels in your watch workshop.
  • Verify that all established processes are being fulfilled.

Quick management with your customers

  • The customer will receive a detailed quote and can decide at any time.
  • The customer may accept, reject or request a call time.
  • As an option, the system can request a deposit when accepting the budget.
  • The customer will be able to receive automatic notifications as the repair progresses.
  • Finally you can receive your invoice and pay online with your card

Quick preparation of quotes and communication to email or whatsapp, with a quick management by the customer (acceptance or rejection and online payment).

“Great place to stay for you and your client”


TidyAnt watchmakers software will allow you to convert a quote into a delivery note or invoice and be able to send it to your customer for online payment in just a few clicks.

Budgets, delivery notes, invoicing and online charges

  • One-click invoice to your customer on their mobile device.
  • Make and send quotes in just one click.
  • Possibility to charge % of the amount when accepting a quote.
  • Online charges with CECA or Stripe payment gateway.
  • Savings in commissions refunds.

More than 200 watch workshops rely on TidyAnt

Our software for watchmaking workshops also includes

In addition to the features mentioned above, TidyAnt watchmaking software also includes the following advantages.

  • No installation of any software by the customer.
  • Confirmation of undelivered emails.
  • Certifies the delivery and opening of emails.
  • No initial investment.
  • No extra servers or licenses are required.
  • You don’t need to renew equipment.
  • Access from any computer without installing anything.
  • Reports.
  • Export data to the business consultancy.
  • Unified store portal
  • Immediate registration.
  • No permanence.
  • Pay only for its use.
  • Cloud server always updated
  • Available 24h 365 days a year, wherever you are.
  • Free periodic updates.
  • Jump to higher plans in less than 1 minute while keeping data.
  • Automatic daily backups.
  • WordPress plugin.
  • Script web implementation.