Customer notifications

Automatically notify your customers of progress, incidents or completed repairs.


Keep your customers informed whilst saving 50% on phone calls

One of the most frequent after-sales complaints is the lack of information. the difference between having and not having an efficient and effective communications channel with you customer is hours of emails and calls. TidyAnt have verified that customers accept 95% of quotations on their mobile devices without the need to contact the company.

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  • Send quotations with automatic acceptance of rejection buttons
  • Automatic status change notifications with associated comments
  • Queries via customer ticket system with adjustable activation time
  • Notification of accepted and rejected quotations
  • Notification of service request from corporate website (API)


Communicte easily and efficiently with your customers

Easily send status change notifications, quotations and invoices via sms, email or WhatsApp

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  • Your customer does not need to install any software
  • Communication with email
  • Communication with sms
  • Communication with WhatsApp

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