Excelence in after-sales service

Excelence in after-sales service

Manage all the after-sales service, simplify the process and link automatically the information with your clients using mobile devices

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Everything under control

Have all the information close by hand, so nothing escapes your control

At first sight

Control block repairs, pending no answer budgets

Intuitive and easy

Easy to use, intuitive, simple and quick surfing


Contact using any device and get access whenever you are

Nimbly comunication

Your clients always informed. By only one click, they could accept or deny a budget

Everything under [span]control[/span]

Make and send budgets or invoices whenever you are at any moment

Your needs, our challenge
Your needs, our challenge

Your needs, our challenge

Costumers don´t want inappropiate calls. They expect ease in the manegement repair.

The demand information and seek convenience to consult whenever they desire.

Companies need to edit, communicate and manage budgets effectively.

Allocate less staff to non productive tasks.

increase benefits in repairs.

Promote loyaty to their clients and be more innovative than their competitors


The solution

Achieve your quality goals

We offer you the tools to provide the best after-sales service to your clients


Automate handmade process, reduce tasks load and staff and increase the benefit in every repair.


.Inform your client automatically about any change in the process. Promote loyalty.


Your clients could check, see, accept or deny budgets whenever they want using the mobile.


Foresee, the information will arrive to your clients before they ask for.


Everyone wants to be treated kindly, send open budgets with optional checks, your client decides.


Make budgets with suggested sales, create advertising and suggest products to your clients.


Send personalized budgets adapted to your clients needs based on your professional opinion.

Technical support

Your clients could submit a query about the repairs through tickets or chat.

sectorial versions

Pre-configure versions for specific sectors

Try it!

Try it for 10 minutes and you will see this software offers more than you can imagine

Try it!

How do you join in ?

No installation, follow four steps and have access to the platform.

Select a plan

Based on your volume of work, select the plan which best adapt to your needs. You can change the plan when you considered it necessary.

Data access will be sent to you

Once you select a plan, user name and password will be sent to you. Using this data you could access the online software with any device.

Modify your profile as you please

The software will be configure with your company data, but you could configure the others parameters that you use regularly.

Start working

Everything is ready, you can start using the software remember the latest updated version will always be available, no additionnal fees.

Plans and prices

A plan for every need, pay according to the use



59€/month (Quarterly payment)

100 repairs/month

3 users

1 delegation

Free updates for life

Automatic security copies

*Coste de activación de la licencia 195€  



120€/month (Quarterly payment)

250 repairs/month

4 users

1 delegation

Free updates for life

Automatic security copies

*Coste de activación de la licencia 195€  



184€/month (Quarterly payment)

400 repairs/month

5 users

2 delegations

Free updates for life

Automatic security copies

*Coste de activación de la licencia 195€  


+200 local offices

1000 repairs/month

No users limit

Free updates for life

Automatic security copies

*Price without Taxes

TidyAnt in images

A visual tour to have a first impression


Any doubt?

We like things simple and clear, we don´t want to complicate anything, but it´s normal that questions come up

The activation of the licence also includes the basic parametrization of the application

  • Inclusion of the logo company in the generated documents
  • Inclusion of trademarks
  • Basic structure of works to do
  • 2 hours of phone support in periods of 15 mins

((The additional cost of the phone support is 40euros per hour, invoice in periods of 30 minutes)

Don´t worry, TidyAnt is compatible with any mobile device, you can have access using any other device with a data plan.

We constantly make security copies, but you can make extra copies.

We are confident that we offer the best service, but you can leave whenever you want with a copy of your data.

You cannot find the suitable answer

Ask our technical support

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